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British Offsite was founded with investment from the Weston Group. Today we are an independent company with two state-of-the-art factories with the capacity to create a complete set of panels for one apartment every 60 minutes.

We're here to give the design and construction industry more choice in how it builds – with the speed, safety, efficiency and environmental gains of our UNisystem and BOS Fitout products.

We know that most people appreciate the significant role offsite construction will play in delivering energy efficient homes faster, to meet government home building and carbon reduction targets. However, they will only transition to offsite when they have full assurances about product quality, design flexibility and compliance with the various required accreditations.

We deliver on all these criteria to the highest standard and have extensive first-hand experience of successfully managing the transition to MMC. We have prototyped over 600 properties for Weston Homes with many more in the pipeline.

We have absolute confidence that the experience you have of our products and services will convert you to our hybrid manufacturing and construction solutions for all your future developments.

Born to build

We were developers before we became manufacturers and remain fully committed to our contribution to the housing industry. We understand the challenges the construction industry faces and maintain a developer’s mindset as we produce offsite manufacturing solutions and services that help designers and developers achieve their vision and goals.

Champions of Precision

We’re bringing the best of automotive manufacturing and the logistics industry to construction, to change how Britain builds. Our UNisystem products consolidate on the production line the work of up to five trades, helping to reduce risks and delays on site and delivering consistently high quality products, down to the finest detail. Our internal modules, for bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms are equally precise, high quality products that can be produced in volume at high speed.

Proudly British

British Offsite is part of the new high-tech manufacturing sector in the UK, bringing new capabilities and skills to the construction industry. We are helping create a next generation of advanced engineers, manufacturing and construction experts. We are far from insular, we bring in the best materials from around the world to manufacture our products, and seek insights from any and every sector that will enhance what we do. For us, being British means being outward looking, innovative, trustworthy and 100% committed to advancing skills, housing and manufacturing in the UK.

Leadership Team

Shaun Weston

Managing Director

Shaun started his career with Weston Homes after spending 4 years in the automotive industry, solidifying a strong engineering background. After gaining a grass roots experience with various construction trades and obtaining a 1st class BSc Construction Management degree, he became a site manager and held this position for 3 years until moving into senior management at Weston Homes. Shaun joined the Weston Homes board in 2017 and became Managing Director of Weston Logistics, where he developed The Weston Group's first MMC systems. Shaun's personal philosophy of innovation and continuous improvement led to the incorporation of British Offsite in 2020.

Paul Brock

Logistics Director

Paul brings substantial logistics experience to the business following nine years in operations management at Target Group and 25 years in operations director roles at NLM UK and Mediforce. He is responsible for the strategy, development and performance of our warehousing and transportation systems, including handling of raw materials to lineside operations and onward finished goods dispersal. Paul has qualifications in leadership and management, as well as business administration.

Paul Cashman

Business Development Manager

Paul brings over 35 years of business management, sales and marketing experience to British Offsite, having run his own business Cashman Interior Services Ltd for 32 years. He is the first point of contact for many of our clients, engaging with them on their home building ambitions and introducing them to our product portfolio. He also leads our business development team, supporting them with product knowledge and progressing their skills.

Richard Bacon

Business Development Manager

Richard has two decades of experience in key account management and specification and technical sales, including ten years at a global construction chemicals company. As a key member of British Offsite’s senior team, he contributes both engineering and project management insights from the defence and finance industries and relishes supporting our customers with the realisation of their building schemes, advising on British Offsite’s value-added solutions. In his spare time, Richard enjoys practicing martial arts, cooking and travelling.

Ben Harper

Technical Manager

Ben has worked in construction design for over 20 years, initially in interiors, then moving into civil and structural engineering and most recently managing design on large scale high rise and housing projects. He heads up our technical and design teams, as well as being responsible for system and environmental accreditation.

Sustainability & Environment


Steel is 100% recyclable without any loss of quality and today, on average, new steel products contain 37% recycled steel. We’re working with our international supply chain to increase this percentage and ensure our light gauge steel products are among the most sustainable in our industry.


We use durable packaging to protect our products while in transit, which is strong enough to reuse multiple times, reducing the overall volume of packaging we need. Our packaging is 100% recyclable so even when it’s no longer suitable for use, none of it needs to go to landfill.


Our precision, just-in-time manufacturing methods, utilising state-of-the-art machinery, enable us to optimise the use of raw materials, reducing the amount that goes to waste and the overall volumes we need. We’re committed to reusing or recycling our waste as far as possible to minimise the amount we send to landfill.


Energy efficiency is a key consideration as we continue to invest and grow, to make sure we’re playing our part in limiting global warming. Both of our factories have solar panels on the roof. We continuously collaborate with our supply partners to reduce our energy footprint at all stages of production and to develop more energy efficient manufacturing equipment.