Fast and flexible solutions meeting diverse sector needs

UNisystemSFS (non-loadbearing) and UNisystemLB (loadbearing) can help you address the unique challenges of any project in any sector. Whether you need a steel frame system for a single footprint low-rise building or infill panels for a collection of higher-rise blocks.

UNisystem panels are made to your exact specification to deliver residential, health, education, justice, mixed use or defence projects. We also support hybrid developments, with UNisystemSFS and UNisystemLB products both being manufactured to order, to deliver buildings of varying dimensions in single settings.

Sector: Residential

Social housing to
student accommodation

Whether your focus is social housing, later living, build-to-rent, student accommodation or private sale, UNisystem can support your speed, efficiency, quality and pricing ambitions.

We work with you to achieve your design vision, advising on our loadbearing and non-loadbearing options and demonstrating how they save time and resources without any compromise on design.

Sector: Healthcare

Major new hospitals
and health centres

We manufacture panels of up 8,400mm in width and 3,200mm in height, enabling construction of safe and robust new hospitals, as well as smaller community health centres.

UNisystemSFS and UNisystemLB both have NHBC Accepts certification and meet or exceed all UK regulatory requirements for acoustics, fire safety and thermal performance, supporting your quality and carbon net zero ambitions.

Sector: Education

Inspiring education


The flexibility of UNisystem ensures you can deliver a whole new school or an individual college building, in a style that perfectly fits the setting and is an inspiring space for people to learn.

Using UNisystem will also support your carbon net zero goals. Precision-made in line with our Fabric First approach, UNisystem creates highly insulated, airtight buildings that use less energy in operation.

Sector: Justice

Faster delivery of
secure environments

UNisystemSFS and UNisystemLB produce robust and reliable long term assets with a lifespan of 60 years. Because they're reliable they are also low-maintaintenance and cost-effective to run.

Working closely with your design team, we can help you develop the right kind of environment to match the needs and number of your secure population, and deliver high quality accommodation quickly. We can also support your ambitions for energy efficient buildings and have a solution that will work no matter the location or the range of facilities needed.

Sector: Defence

Robust and secure
defence real estate

Our streamlined manufacturing processes and thorough approach to programme management enable systematic delivery of exactly the right panels at exactly the right time, no matter the scale or location of your development.

We offer highly flexible building solutions, with UNisystemSFS and UNisystemLB both manufactured to your exact specifications. They can meet your needs whether you need a small collection of defence buildings or a series of high-rise blocks, plus all UNisystem buildings offer a lifespan of 60 years.

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