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A different way of thinking about offsite construction, giving the design and construction industry choice

British Offsite is the creator of UNI System, the most advanced light gauge steel panel system in the marketplace, suitable for house, mid-rise and high-rise developments.

UNI System includes UNI Panel, UNI Wall, UNI Floor and UNI Roof, a highly flexible set of products capable of meeting every architectural need with precision. It is complemented by our internal fit out modules for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

British Offsite were developers before becoming manufacturers, so we fully appreciate traditional methods of construction and just like our customers were born to build. We’ve developed hybrid solutions that ease the transition to modern methods of construction, remove the risks and delays of traditional methods, and deliver your occupiable properties faster. The level of choice our products offer means you can either evolve or revolutionise how you build.

We’ve worked with Weston Homes on the design and installation of UNI System in multiple developments, including in Barking, Harlow, Hayes, Southend and Watford, working with the team to meet exacting design standards and respond effectively to different opportunities and conditions.

We are champions of precision. The consistent quality of each and every panel we produce is guaranteed by our technical design process, state-of-the-art machinery, robotics capability and quality control systems. Our full set of accreditations – including BRE fire testing, acoustic testing, ISO9001 quality control and NHBC accepts – ensures our products meet the requirements of technical managers, while our close collaboration on exact construction sequencing supports site managers.

British Offsite is part of the new high-tech manufacturing sector in the UK, bringing new capabilities to the construction industry, taking the best from automotive manufacturing and the logistics industry. We’re helping to create a next generation of advanced engineers, manufacturing and construction experts.

We’re proud of the part we can play helping to solve the housing crisis, by offering the design and construction industry the choice it’s used, but with the speed, safety, efficiency and environmental gains of our UNI System.